Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fergus Lima Bean

I have a green tree frog named Fergus L. Bean. My friend Kim caught him peeping in the ladies shower room twice when we went camping together. The second time, she captured him for me. He changes colors depending on the time of day. Usually he is pale white during the day and gets darker as it gets closer to night time. When I wake up around 2AM for work, he is bright green. I am sure he doesn't like it much in a cage so when the weather gets better, I will be releasing him at the campgrounds he grew up in. Part of the reason is because Onyx likes to terrorize Fergus. Onyx will bat at the cage until it gets tipped over or knocked onto the ground. Fergus has gotten loose this way before but he is always more than happy to have us put him back in his cage. He knows it's much safer in there. It's wild watching him eat. Fergus makes eating look so violent! He gobbles up mealworms so fast that if you blink, you would miss it.


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