Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Cat Crash

My boyfriends 9 year old niece, Phoebe, saw my blog and she wanted to surprise me with a post so she took the pictures herself and wrote up a small piece for me to post for our class on her behalf. She's a really smart girl (straight A's on her report card every time) and she loves our kittens. Phoebe even plays Scattergories with us after dinner! The kittens look forward to people coming over to visit however sometimes Phoebe's little brother, Phoenix, will unintentionally scare them. :D Jet and Onyx are usually tuckered out before Phoebe and Phoenix leave after Sunday dinner. It's a good thing. These kittens have too much energy and need someone who can tire them out! :)

A Cat Crash by Phoebe

Now, Jet and Onyx don't crash into the wall in this post (but they do). This kind of crash is a car crash, and I think Jet caused it. But it might have been someone else.

"I didn't do it!"

 "Ummm... Bye!"

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