Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FInaly Done!!

after two long months of feeding zuze three times a day he is finally eating hard food! I cant wait to completely wean him off milk. although he is fun and cute, he was becoming a pain in the ass. Once he is fully on hard food i can start looking for my next pet ;)


What's on TV?

In my spare time I love to watch television series. I watch a variety of genres from horror to drama. A few series that are my top favorites are American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and The Office. I love the suspense that each series brings to the table and the ability to discuss each episode and premieres with coworkers or friends is fantastic. I definitely recommend the listed shows!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The End

Thank you all for visiting our blog and learning about our lives. We appreciate your interest and we hope you all feel like you know us a little bit better.

- Chazz, Ryan, Cheryl, Joyce (from left to right)


Onyx and Jet experienced snow for the first time. I love to throw animals in the snow. They never seem to like it much. I wonder why? Onyx is the one who loves to try and sneak outside. He's the one who gets locked in the bathroom when we have groceries to bring in. Jet is curious about what's outside but she is very cautious about stepping out the door. Once she gets out, she explores for a minute or two and then goes back to the door to be let in.

Onyx getting ready to run under the porch where we can't reach him.

Jet is a little bit scared of the outdoors.

But she's checking things out anyways.

Jets not happy about being thrown in the snow.

- Joyce

Well it is already eight in the morning, i have spent the last two hours chasing animals through the pasture. For whatever reason the three pigs found a way out of their pen. Although i am sure they enjoyed running a muck around the farm it was time to get them back where they belonged. _- What a way to start the day!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fergus Lima Bean

I have a green tree frog named Fergus L. Bean. My friend Kim caught him peeping in the ladies shower room twice when we went camping together. The second time, she captured him for me. He changes colors depending on the time of day. Usually he is pale white during the day and gets darker as it gets closer to night time. When I wake up around 2AM for work, he is bright green. I am sure he doesn't like it much in a cage so when the weather gets better, I will be releasing him at the campgrounds he grew up in. Part of the reason is because Onyx likes to terrorize Fergus. Onyx will bat at the cage until it gets tipped over or knocked onto the ground. Fergus has gotten loose this way before but he is always more than happy to have us put him back in his cage. He knows it's much safer in there. It's wild watching him eat. Fergus makes eating look so violent! He gobbles up mealworms so fast that if you blink, you would miss it.


A Cat Crash

My boyfriends 9 year old niece, Phoebe, saw my blog and she wanted to surprise me with a post so she took the pictures herself and wrote up a small piece for me to post for our class on her behalf. She's a really smart girl (straight A's on her report card every time) and she loves our kittens. Phoebe even plays Scattergories with us after dinner! The kittens look forward to people coming over to visit however sometimes Phoebe's little brother, Phoenix, will unintentionally scare them. :D Jet and Onyx are usually tuckered out before Phoebe and Phoenix leave after Sunday dinner. It's a good thing. These kittens have too much energy and need someone who can tire them out! :)

A Cat Crash by Phoebe

Now, Jet and Onyx don't crash into the wall in this post (but they do). This kind of crash is a car crash, and I think Jet caused it. But it might have been someone else.

"I didn't do it!"

 "Ummm... Bye!"