Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Kittens Daily Chores

Jet really likes to help. She likes to help sweep the floor.

"You missed a spot."

She likes to help with the dishes.

"You want ALL these dishes washed?!"

She also likes to help with laundry.

"First you fold the sock like so... Then you twirl it around..."

She helps us get bottles of water and sometimes she tries to help us open the bottles by biting holes in the water bottles.

"How many did you want again?"

Onyx mostly likes to help us finish our bread crusts whereas Jet likes to eat vegetables. She loves zucchini. Hard to believe, huh? Onyx prefers his crusts plain and toasted but he finds a hint of mayo acceptable on his crusts.

"Nom nom nom..."

Most of all, they both love to help clean tables and they usually do it together.

"What do you mean you were saving those crumbs?!"

They do more work around the house in a day than your average child probably does in a month and I don't even have to give them allowance as an incentive!

- Joyce


  1. Great post. I love the pictures especially.

    But the poor things.. no allowance? They might becoming increasingly unhappy. Look at them, they already look a bit emo to me.. wearing black all the time.